Scheduling and Managing Content with Adobe Creative Cloud Express

When you hear people talk about social media- the number one thing they bring up is consistency. As a business owner, where do you find the time? You are the expert in what you do!

You are not an expert social media manager. I mean… unless you are. If you are, you should add this program to your arsenal today! Just stop reading and go download it right now. Or keep reading and find out why. Either way, I promise you that you NEED this program.

Knock, Knock, Knock- Adobe Creative Cloud Express is here to change your brands life. This program allows you to spend minimal amounts of your time to create eye catching and sales generating content that is custom to your brand.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express gives you the power of Photoshop Express and Premier Rush all in a premade template program! That means you can edit pictures and videos straight into content that is already designed for you. Where has this been all my life?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is different from other template programs. This is because they are a trusted marketing company who understands current trends. Everyone in the world has heard of Adobe and Photoshop. They are the go-to company when it comes to marketing software. What does this mean for your brand? It means when you scroll your news feed your content will stand out and look more modern than the competition. Your branding will never look like something else that is being posted.

I know we have all been scrolling on Instagram and a graphic looked VERY familiar. That is because 2,500 businesses used that same template from that same template program that day and it is the same style everyone has been using for years. Adobe Creative Cloud Express is different! It is modern, accessible, and offers more than the competition.


You can add your branding colors, fonts, logos, and more straight into Adobe Creative Cloud Express to easily remix templates to match your brand. You can create a week’s worth of content in about 10 minutes. They even have color palettes that might look best with your branding. Save your brand profile and share a template or your brand with co-workers or employees to help everyone create all your marketing to match your exact branding.

New to branding? Check out the Adobe Blog >>

There are tons of resources, ideas, and ways to utilize their platform to take your brand to the next level. One thing I can say about Adobe is the resources are endless. You could never have touched marketing one day in your life, and you will find everything you need with this one company.

QR Codes

SURPRISE! You can now create custom QR codes in Adobe Creative Cloud Express! Under quick actions, click generate QR Code. Decide if you want squares or dots. Pick your color. Add your link. BOOM! You are in business. They even have three different file types to chose from for your download.

What can you use a QR code for? Link to your website for fast way to answer questions about your brand or an easy way to contact your business. Utilize QR codes in restaurants to have easy digital menus. Create a sign to have in your business that has your QR codes that link to social media accounts to encourage people to follow you and stay in touch. Use a QR code to link to a payment system for easy, hands-free payments. Send clients QR codes to link to documents on your website.


Adobe is known for being major competition in the fonts game. They have anything and everything you could ever want! Head to and find the perfect fonts for your brand. Select those fonts to show up across the Adobe platforms and SURPRISE- they are loaded into Adobe Creative Cloud Express. This is a game changer for small and large brands.

It is very important when deciding on fonts to pick accessible fonts. This means they are clear and easy to read. If someone is using a screen reader to learn more about your business, and you pick a font that is so unique in design that the screen reader cannot read your content, you will lose a client.


The scheduling program built into Adobe Creative Cloud Express is NOTHING like you have seen before. You can connect one Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account. Once you have created your graphic in the program you hit the calendar icon in the upper right-hand corner. It takes you directly into the scheduling program. Pick your platform, date, and time and your content will be posted!

I bet your asking yourself… how is that different? I can’t wait to tell you.

MAJOR INSTAGRAM HACK: Not only can you schedule a graphic to post with a caption directly to your Instagram feed… You can schedule the FIRST COMMENT to post directly with it! This means you can copy and paste your hashtag groups directly into your first comment and walk away. Your content will completely scheduled. Hashtags and all! #signmeuptoday

Unscheduled posts: If you have content you have created and you are not sure where it fits in with your current schedule, just save it to your unscheduled graphics area. When looking at your calendar, this is to the left. If you find the perfect spot to post that graphic, drag it over to that day! This is also helpful if you are working on a team and need graphics, captions, or first comments to be approved before posting.

It is very important to post every day. Algorithms favor pages that post consistently. This means the more you post, engage with your followers, and seek out other pages to engage in- the more they will share your content. The larger the reach, the more money in your pocket. Make sure to watch your analytics. Whatever content your audience is responding to, recreate that content again and again. If they love seeing updates about employees, make it a series. If they love hearing more about your unique products, share video content about the process of making the product or shipping the product. Give the people what the want!

Different File Types

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is not just for social media graphics. While it is a powerhouse of resources for social media graphics, it does so much more!

Edit Videos: You can trim, resize, merge, crop, change the speed, convert file type, and reverse your videos! This is so helpful for Tiktok and Reels content. You can also create your own GIFs! If you have clients you have to stay in close contact with, such as a realtor -how exciting would it be to create Happy Closing Day or Happy Birthday GIFs to send to clients? This is an amazing way to stand out and create retention with your clients. They will never forget you. If your face is one of the biggest parts of your brand, make sure it is in front of clients all the time.

If you are not currently using video content, your brand is behind. You should be producing more video content than you are graphics. Graphics are important to stay consistent and share important information, but videos are what today’s marketing requires. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, ask yourself why? Is it because of what other people will say or think? Who cares? When they see that it is working for you, they will be calling you for advice. Your business and your brand DESERVE the best marketing. You deserve a successful business. It is time to do whatever it takes to be the best in your industry.

Tiktok is not just young kids dancing. It is the number one social media platform in the world. If you are only watching Reels- you are watching 3–6-month-old content that has been reposted from Tiktok. Do what is right for your business and join Tiktok. You are not too mature to make money.


We all know Adobe is the go-to program for PDF’s. Without even opening Acrobat, you can convert to and from PDF, edit PDF’s, organize pages, and combine files right in Adobe Creative Cloud Express. This program really is the one stop shop for all things marketing. Download one program to do it all!

Print Marketing

Adobe Creative Cloud Express has many pre-made file types and templates for print marketing. Need to make a flyer? They have that. Need to make a book cover? They have that. Need to create a custom postcard or greeting card? They have that. Needing to make an invitation? They have that. Menus, brochures, album covers, work sheets, invoices, receipts… they have that! If there is something you cannot find, you can create a custom size graphic or resize a template you love to match the project you are working on. They have everything you need. All your branding colors and fonts will be the first suggestion when picking these items. This makes it SO FAST to create all types of marketing materials.

Design Websites

Yes, you can do this too! Click webpage in Quick Actions and get started. Choose a theme already customized for you from your uploaded branding or start from scratch with a new idea. Do not pay outside programs to design website specific content when you can have one program that does it all!

Check with your website host to see what file types are allowed on your website and use this program to bring your branding to life.


Animate your graphics. Make pictures feel like videos, make fonts pop with the ability to move, and create EASY Instagram stories to add music and movement and hold people’s attention. Add borders and icons that flash and draw attention to key words or sales. Take control of your marketing by drawing your demographics eyes directly to the highlights in your content.

If you have read all of these benefits and you are STILL not sure about Adobe Creative Cloud Express… did I mention that it is FREE? Yes, you are reading this correctly. It is free! While there are some premium features, you can completely run your brands marketing off the free version.

Click the link to download Adobe Creative Cloud Express >>

Get your entire team on board with spending 20-30 minutes per week to create your entire social media strategy, create content, schedule content, and you will see success. There is no way to fail with staying consistent and using this program. It doesn’t matter your age, job title, computer skills, or marketing background. Anyone can use Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

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